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Always take water – we recommend at least one gallon per person and check your gas gauge! If you are low on either you can fill up in Study Butte. (Study Butte is pronounced styoo-dy byoot) From Terlingua House head east on TX 170. About 7 miles down the road you will come to the Y, turn right on 118 and proceed to the main entrance to Big Bend National Park. After paying your entrance fee proceed down this road passing 3 intersections (first two to on the right and the third to the left. DRIVE SLOW - the speed limit is 45 MPH in the park and they enforce it! At the end of this road you will find Boquillas Canyon and the Rio Grande Village store, if you are up for a short hike walk into Boquillas Canyon.

On the way back you might want to consider stopping in at the hot springs, this will be on your left coming back. Continuing back turn left and go up to the “Basin” and the park headquarters this is a great place to eat lunch. After lunch and sightseeing return back to the main road and turn left. At the next left (Ross Maxwell Road), turn again to go to Santa Elena Canyon. I consider this the most interesting road of the park and well worth the drive. When you get to the end, again I recommend you walk into Santa Elena Canyon if you are up for a short hike. After Santa Elena Canyon return back to Study Butte and Terlingua.

If you wanted to shorten this day trip you might consider going to Santa Elena Canyon first then to the Basin/Park Headquarters and skipping Boquillas Canyon/Rio Grande Village.

Regardless of your trip on the way back you need to make some stops in the Study Butte/Terlingua area. You will find everything from cactus and hand made rock planters to fine jewelry, a great natural foods store and coffee shop to one of the 50 best bars in the country to interesting art galleries and great restaurants. La Kiva is located at the intersection of TX 170 and Terlingua Creek. The Boathouse and Starlight Theatre (restaurant) are located in the Terlingua ghost town.

For those of you looking for a more adventurous trip please visit with the local outfitters – they can make anything happen!

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